Monday, November 9, 2009

Campus Quilt Co. {Giveaway}

Campus Quilt Co and Momma In Flip Flops are giving one lucky person a $150 gift certificate to Campus Quilt Co!!! How cool is that! A great site that turns old T shirts etc into a treasured quilt for you to love and cherish! Check it out!
More on Campus Quilts - it's a fantastic website where you basically design your own quilt from your keepsake t-shirts. Send anything in and they will turn it into a quilt using those items. Choose from jerseys, t-shirts, baby clothes, ties, whatever you have around, then you get to choose the sashing, the stitching, any personalized embroidery, how you want your items arranged, the size and more. All with easy to follow instructions and amazing customer service. I had tons and tons of questions with making a photo quilt, and I have never had such great customer service as I did with Campus Quilts. I have already thought of many ideas for family if we were to choose to get another product from Campus Quilts. Putting a photo of the child when they were a baby in the middle, then with the baby's keep sake shirts, blankets, etc. around on the quilt squares! I also love the idea of doing one for parents, with a picture of all their children in the middle and then putting keep sakes they may have from their children around on the squares. So many great Christmas ideas!


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