Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Don't Let Them Be Homeless for The Holidays


One of the Most Devastating Moments of Their Life...
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Many People Are Forced to Abandon A Beloved Member
of The Family in Order to Keep a Roof Over Their Heads


Now more than ever, many people are facing one of the most devastating decisions of their lives, relinquishing their beloved family pets. These wonderful animals don't have many options, but you can help them find new homes.

Many people are being forced to choose between their animal companions and the roof over their heads, others are homeless and at a loss for how to care for their pets. Many people are returning their cats and dogs to shelters─these pets are the lucky ones. The cruel truth is that many pets will be dumped, abandoned and turned out onto the streets, while others will suffer hunger, neglect and abuse. Please help stop this brutal cycle.

At the ASPCA, we know that animals matter and contribute to the healthy vitality of our communities. Thanks to your generous support, the ASPCA has rescued countless pets from crises, provided medical care to more than 144,000 animals and assisted in the adoption of over 63,000 animals over the past year. You can help us continue to save those pets most at risk.

Your gift can mean the difference between life and death for pets with nowhere else to turn. Please help. Even a small amount can go a long way for a pet in need.

Always remember to Make Pet Adoption Your First Option®!
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