Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fwd: 2010 Is Here And The ASPCA Needs You


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Subj: 2010 Is Here And The ASPCA Needs You

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http://www2.aspca.org/site/R?i=jlMFOy2G369_b_0DgkGiuQ.. Please help us to end animal cruelty, we need your continued support!
Renew your annual membership.
We are their voice.®
Through your generosity the ASPCA can take that commitment seriously, working tirelessly 24/7 toward our goals of preventing animal cruelty and finding permanent, loving homes for America's adoptable pets.

We made remarkable progress in 2009. Thanks to your continued support we have set our goals even higher in 2010. No animal should suffer needlessly and thanks to you the ASPCA's life-saving programs can continue to provide desperately needed care and protection to abused, abandoned, lost and homeless pets.
http://www2.aspca.org/site/R?i=tcAdGNKug_SwE6FBxTy9hA.. Help the ASPCA make 2010 another year of extraordinary progress.
You can help those who cannot speak for themselves, animals in need, by renewing your ASPCA membership with as generous a gift as possible. Each year, the ASPCA provides life-saving care and assistance to over 144,000 animals.

Renew your ASPCA membership today!
It's only with the continued commitment of compassionate supporters like you that we can achieve far-reaching and long-lasting advances in animal welfare in 2010 and beyond!
Lucky, Sammie, Clarence and Jordy were saved by the ASPCA.
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Always remember to Make Pet Adoption Your First Option®!
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