Friday, February 19, 2010

My Newest Rescue, " baby Max " !

Just picked up my newest rescue from the vet. Max, a young male gray Tabby! He had the works done, nueter, all his shots so he is now good to go! Poor lil guy had ear mites and fleas, so they gave him Revolution for the fleas and a perscription ear drops for the ear mites. Someone just dumped the lil guy and abandoned him. Total cost today, a whopping 346.00! Ouch that hurt, but this is what happens when rescuers like me, take on another persons responsibility due to either ignorance or just plain stupidity, or they just have no heart. Sickens me, he is such a love and how someone dumped him, is beyond me. Will find him a forever home! Which is what he deserves, they ALL do!


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